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YomaBarr Atmospheric blackened death metal with a tinge of doom, choirs of the damned and wicked solos. Exists? If so, then this.
But don't you worry, it's the atmosphere of tar pits and mosh pits. Crazy album, love it!
Darknight thumbnail
Darknight The most badass Death Metal I've heard for quite a while. Cult Burial really have the darkened riffs nailed down with scorching gnarly vocals drenched in deathly howls of hell. Favorite track: Plague.
The Throne Of Absence
The Throne Of Absence  thumbnail
The Throne Of Absence Excerpt: 'Only once in a blue moon, a band succeeds in sounding as eerie as the first time you heard DEICIDE or the nauseating MAYHEM'

Full review on website: Favorite track: Dethroner.
Metal Patches Vinyl
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Metal Patches Vinyl This is high quality blackened death metal. It’s heavy with lots of cool atmosphere (like the last half of Decapitated’s Anticult), and has lots of memorable riffs and solos. Solid album!
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Venombullet666 This album is very consistent and gripping from start to finish with a solid production especially for a debut album

It refuses to stick to the same pace throughout and that really adds to the charm of this release! All hail Cult Burial! Favorite track: Chaos.
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Dethroner 04:10
Dark heaven absorber of light Dims my visions  Into madness The price of deprivation Paid through my sanity Faithful guards of seclusion Haunt me tirelessly Night-breeze feed my spiritual form Hail the king of a somber regret Across a sea never sailed before Drowned in light And memories of devastation Ceasing the will to sustain my path Spirits gather  Pure sin Visions of destruction Ruin and tragedies I am the dethroner of life Shaped by blasphemy Formed by a frozen soul Covered by hatred I vainly summon a vile rebelion Mighty of the despised An endless walk in a lonely reign Forsaken Defenceless against light Carried by the winds of illusion
Moribund 05:09
Shrouded by a fog Asphyxiated Sunken in The vile truth of existence That blinds me That blinds my eyes Crawling towards nothingness  My scars pull me down The heavy weight of existence That I can’t wield Injured Moribund The destruction of a person Only the taste of regret  Am I able to feel? Will it ever end? Disastrous  Hollow Suffering never ceases To seek revenge upon myself
Chaos 06:52
Beyond the dark horizon Lies the hopeless void of my dreams Imploding my will Draining my life Consuming my thoughts Demising my beliefs All cast into the vortex Of chaos Of destruction Of decadence Driven by anger Bestowing the purpose I was created for My path was written in stone The flame that not only gave me birth but also has burnt me Ignited uncontrollably Deprived, dark, somber, dim Hiding behind a grand illusion Glances of the deep abyss Is only what I am empowered to see My visions fade As every second passes Slowly impairing all my senses
Abyss 03:04
Entering the gates That lead to nowhere  But my vain existence Throughout my journey I’m followed by ghosts Of a numb temptation My destiny, my fate Never leads to an end Brought by pain  Watching the darkened skies  The cold breeze  Leaves only the moon to awake me Caressed by the dark The worms of contempt Devour my soul In eternal putridity  As darkness falls above For interminable centuries Nothing more to ear my call I’m lost Evil creation Given immortality To endlessly suffer Paralysed Rotten beast That inhales The gaze of despair In a nocturnal rite
Plague 05:16
Not knowing about my fate Deformed thoughts invade a sea of darkness Will I ever be awake Malignant severing Deformed laughter Descendent from my dismal visions Devouring my soul Eternal blasphemy My heart dies drowning In the scorn of solitude My eyes glowing red  After hell’s evil haunting Lurks in every corner The plague of deep depression Spreading throughout My freezing blood Pestilence Pain Grave Poisonous
Kill 04:47
Growing dead Deep inside Fearing my fate I have none All severed to shreds Excruciating  Agonising feelings In this evil form of life Frozen winds of obscurity Oblige me to embrace the deep void That surrounds me Unable to take my life away Death heals me I am one with the dark I can hear the sound of a suffocating slumber Coming from the grief of sorrow Enraged Lifeless Infuriated Delusional  Kill my visions Kill  Kill  Kill
End 04:27
Brutal Death from the claws of grievance, End me, die Restless creation Residing in a deceitful illusion The pain needed To feel alive It’s never enough A search for my subconscious I never seem to bare  The wandering through my thoughts Intense schizophrenia Why am I only allowed to succeed against death?  Moving vainly  Rambling endlessly towards  My demise There is no beginning to an end A farce meant to fool me Beyond my visions lies A delusion of destined tranquility A conflict between dream and reality Fear drowns my mind Solemnly Still nothing changes A treacherous contempt Brutal anger towards everything Released from the shackles of death  Drown in a sea of scorn Severe and sovereign existence Allow me to rest Dying hope To end my life
Forever 04:54
Drown in the dark colour of solitude Forever cursed Forever forgotten Forever Fearful to behold  The shadow Living under the premise  That someday A pale dim light Will illuminate my path Deceived  Despised  I follow the sorrows breath The flaming evil  That lies within me It’s never going away In the dawn it rises  More deprived Time after time It lies crowned In colours of depression
Sorrow 05:13
Anger and fury Runs through My body I can't bear it A slime of sorrow Flows through me Alone I walk My eyes can't see Nothing


"The black/death/sludge/doom/industrial commingling is potent, incisive and effectively presented". Decibel Magazine

Rated 4/5, Metal Hammer Portugal

"Unlike a lot of albums, Cult Burial also has the confidence not to front-load all its best stuff right at the start. In fact I’d even go so far as to say that this is one record that actually gets better the deeper you get into it, as by the time that back-to-back brooders/bruisers “Plague” and “Kill” rear their ugly heads it really feels like the band have hit their stride, at which point it’s just one hit after another – the hammer-smashed hooks of “End”, the grinding, galloping momentum of “Forever”, and the slow-motion stomp of “Sorrow” – until the album reaches its crushing climax." No Clean Singing

"I love this record’s variety and constant reinvention." 9/10 Metal Observer

"A very new and welcome visceral nightmare." Moshville Times

"A masterwork of visceral extreme metal, with focused progressive highlights, thick, sludgy atmosphere, and blackened tremolo riffs, all over a rock solid foundation of old school influenced death metal." MoshPit Nation

"This might well be the surprise EoY entry to turn heads." Rated 90 Cult Metal Flix

"Cult Burial is a brilliant debut record for anyone that likes their metal darker and dirtier than anything else." 9/10 Musipedia of Metal

"Tempos are deliberately controlled, from fast, aimed chaos, to mid-paced marches down to torturous slow dragging, with a sensation that energy is being built up, ready to explode." CVLT Legion

"Melodies wrapped in brutality." Metal Bulletin Zine

"Cult Burial’s self-titled debut album is a sadistic treat, morphing back and forth from unmerciful blackened death metal to draining doom." Heavy Music HQ

"The group’s debut album is a frothing and raging beast that wants nothing more than to devour you whole. It’s hard to argue that they don’t accomplish their goal come the end." 8/10 Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Cult Burial” is a fine example of how to be creative using old musical formulas - 8/10" Metal Temple

"Cult Burial set the bar incredibly high with their first full-length. They took the classic death metal formula and moulded it with the atmosphere of an occult horror film, creating an incredibly deep and memorable experience." Alternative Control

"Their self titled debut is a stone cold stunner from back to front" Two Guys Metal Reviews

"Cult Burial are a very great sounding mixture of black, doom, death and post metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band." Bringer Of Death

"The scattering of quick solos, the odd riff breaks, and well timed arpeggios all signal that Cult Burial is not your average death metal band" Nine Circles


released November 6, 2020

Lyrics and vocals by César Moreira
Music by Simon Langford
Additional guitars by Felipe Grüber
Additional bass by Gavin Brooks
Mixed by Simon Langford
Mastered by Chris Coulter at Decimal Studios
Artwork by Legerdemain


all rights reserved



Cult Burial London, UK

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